Academic Tutoring
Sky High Tutoring offers tutoring for all core subjects taught at the high school level. It's the only program where you get to decide the goal for tutoring. If you want us to decide, we will improve your GPA through homework completion, preparation for tests, and study ahead.

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90% of our students improve by a whole letter grade
Exceptional results. Every time.

Tutoring that works
After School Program
Get schoolwork help from an expert tutor, to keep you on track in completing homework, study for upcoming tests, and give you extra work your toughest subjects. This class is great for students who find it hard to stay motivated or need all-around help with school. In a classroom of no more than 6 students.

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Private Tutoring
If you need a tutor to explain concepts that you find difficult at school in shorter, intensive lessons, then have tutoring with a private tutor. We will spend most class time on instruction so you can go home and complete your work.

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Your Choose Your Goal

You can choose your goal for tutoring:

  • GPA Improvement?
  • Study ahead?
  • Simple homework help?

Your goal is ours.

Top Quality Instructors

Learn with the top-notch tutors in the industry. Our class instructors have majored in their subjects and trained extensively in instruction.

Each tutor is dedicated to bringing you the best possible tutoring experience, all to help you ace your class.


We provide tutoring for all subjects, and manage your GPA. Leave it to us to accomplish your goals.