Do I really need tutoring for the SAT or ACT?

Is tutoring really necessary? My honest answer is: Probably. Many students have succeeded on the SAT or ACT by studying on their own, and there are many resources out there for a driven young individual to use to improve their skills. Some of these include SAT/ACT Study Guide books and free study videos. The benefit of tutoring is that it … Read More

How seriously should you take the SAT and ACT?

Have you ever wondered how seriously you’re supposed to take the SAT and ACT? I mean, you have so many other things to worry about in high school, from the mountain of homework you’re supposed to do, sports practice, band practice, club activities, to who you’re going to ask to prom! If you’re like me, maybe you’ve wondered the following: … Read More

What are the SAT and ACT?

Welcome to the first post! Here, I’m going to assume you know nothing at all about the SAT, the ACT, and how to prepare for college. I just want to lay a baseline of knowledge for our future articles, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. If you are just starting out learning about the SAT and … Read More

SAT vs. ACT: Which one should you take?

So you’re getting ready to face one of the biggest challenges in high school–college entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT. Except, you know there are 2 choices. Well, which one are you supposed to take? Depending on where you’re from, you might have heard that the SAT to be the test you’re “supposed” to take, or you might have … Read More