SAT & ACT Prep
Sky High Tutoring offers a complete prep course for the SAT and ACT. It's the only program to designed to specifically target each student's strengths and weaknesses. We teach not just the knowledge required on the tests, but also the strategies and thinking habits required to ace them.

+155 pt SAT, +4.1 ACT Average.
Exceptional results. Every time.

A Class for Every level, Every learning style
Cram Course
Learn the SAT or ACT from an expert instructor in a small group of 3-5 students. Our program prepares you for the exams from start to finish and guarantees a score improvement!

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Private Tutoring
If you prefer more personal instruction, then you can have SAT or ACT tutoring with a private tutor. The class will be custom-tailored to your pace and learning style.

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Exclusive Study Guide

Get a copy of the exclusive Sky High SAT/ACT Study Guide, painstakingly researched and developed by founder Matt Choi.

Learn from our tried-and-true test-taking strategies, concept explanations, and targeted practice problems designed to raise your score.

Top Quality Instructors

Learn with the top-notch tutors in the industry. Our world-class instructors are the top 1% scoring SAT/ACT takers and trained extensively in instruction.

Each tutor is dedicated to bringing you the best possible tutoring experience, all to help you ace the SAT/ACT.


Learn the SAT or ACT from start to finish. Our classes are designed to take you all the way to the finish-line of your test prep journey, so you don' t need no any additional books or any additional tutors.

Rest assured knowing that with us, you will learn everything you need to know about the SAT or ACT, from concepts and formulas to strategies, and even motivational advice.

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