Our Customers' Stories

Prior to starting tutoring lessons, I was completely unprepared for the SAT. I didn’t even know where to start. But Matt patiently answered all of the questions that I had about the concepts on the SAT as well as the test itself. Through practice and work, I saw my score constantly increase!

Jenny M.,
Accepted to Emory,
Georgia Tech, UC LA

Helpful during tough times

Matt pulled me through the most horrific time of my academic career, the first semester of senior year with last minute standardized testing and college applications, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I recommend him to anyone seeking help not just in standardized testing but in all academic areas!

Jenna S., Class of 2017, Boston University Accepted NYU, Boston University, Loyola, Emory, UGA

Taking the SAT was one of the most stressful tasks for me in high school. However, when I sat down with Matt, he was able to guide me through all of his personalized strategies. I was able to increase my score by about 400 in only two months. What he taught me helped not only with the SAT but also carried with me for the rest of my academic career. I highly recommend Matt.

Taeuk Kang
Emory '15

Before tutoring with Sky High Tutoring, I had trouble with Reading Comprehension. I did not have strategies that fit with me. However, as I received tutoring, not only did my understanding of passages get better, I was able to improve on my time. Every session has helped me to improve.

Tony K.,
Georgia Tech '18

중 고등학생을 둔 어머님들이라면 누구나 공감하듯이 뭘 어찌해야하나 뭐부터 가르쳐야하나 막막했습니다. 큰아이는 소문난 학원을 이곳저곳 보내고 있었고 둘째는 수학이 좀 처지는듯 하여 소개로 선생님을 만났지요. 인상도 좋으시고 아이도 성적이 오르기 시작했습니다.
다른 학원들과 틀린점이 잇다면 이런저런 고민이 있을때마다 같이 고민해주시고 아이들 입장에 서서 잘 도닥여 주시기도 하셨습니다. 좋은 결과에 너무 만족하고 감사합니다!

Mother of Jenna Sung,
Boston University '17
Accepted NYU,
Loyola, Emory, UGA

선생님과 과외를 하면서 부족한 부분이 많이 메꿔졌습니다. 영어로 수업을 해서 처음엔 좀 부담스러웠는데 덕분에 영어 실력이 단기간에 빨리 늘었던거 같고 학교생활에 좀 더 쉽게 적응했습니다. 선생님과 과외하면서 공부외에도 여러가지 삶에 대해 배운것두 많앗구 정말 좋았습니다.

Sejun Park,
Georgia State '17

SAT 1590 to 2120

My SAT score shot up from a 1590 to a 2120. Matt taught me discipline and time management. He knew my strengths and my weaknesses and focused his lessons directly on what suited me and my needs. He will push students hard, and as long as each student is willing to put his/her amount of effort into working diligently, the goals each student sets for him/herself can be achieved!

Lea Hong
UC LA '16
Accepted UC Berkeley

Big Improvement

After she started the tutoring lessons, I saw a big improvement in my daughter’s performance on the exam. She enjoyed the sessions and had a lot of help in preparation for the SAT. In addition, the pricing for the lessons was reasonable. Overall, I believed that the tutoring lessons have been beneficial for both me and my daughter.

Mother of Jenny Mai,
Emory University '16
Accepted Georgia Tech, UC LA

Improvement after discouragements elsewhere

Before, I tried for countless hours to study alone and went through other expensive tutors, but I was stuck at the same, discouraging scores. After tutoring with Sky High, my ACT score bumped up nearly 8-9 points, after just two months of one session per week. It was a wonderful and helpful experience, and I cannot thank them enough!

Sean S.,
Accepted Georgia Tech, UGA

Sky High is the Bomb

Sky High is the bomb. My daughter was taking the ACT for her second time and I wanted to find her a tutor to improve off of her score of 23.
We had 4 weeks before the next ACT and after extensive research I found Sky High Tutoring. Sky High is the best, my daughter had 5 appointments with each class lasting 2 hours and her score improved from 23 to 29. Danielle is taking the SAT this week and looking for a big improvement thanks to Matt.
Do not wait if you want to help your child improve their scores. My youngest child will be headed to him next. He is worth every dollar and more. Great!!!!

Edward K., Father of Danielle and Mark

An amazing SAT tutoring place! It raised my score significantly! And there are wonderful teachers.

Sabrina Mamdani

Matt has been excellent with my son. He’s a junior getting SAT tutoring. My son meets with Matt weekly for 2hrs and he provides weekly homework and sends weekly progress reports as well. No complaints thus far. I can’t wait for the SAT results!

Latrelle C.

Matt and his team are very proficient in tutoring. They follow the school schedule and check with the kids as well.

Sunny K.

Matt is a intuitive and bright tutor who worked well at improving my daughters understanding and expectations of the ACT. I highly recommend his services

Vanessa C.

I went to Sky High in hopes of him helping my daughter to increase her ACT score and learn at the same time. I’m happy to say that they delivered their promise. He’s an awesome teacher and tutor. Great job Matt!!

Keshia D.